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“Last call for passengers flying to Cevisma 2019”.

In 2019, Rocersa is taking off with a new corporate image and an overwhelming attitude. That is why we created the Cevisma ‘19 airport, so that we could see people passing by every minute, making our staging stand out, as always. The Rocersa stand was the first to turn on its lights and the last to switch them off; there were always passengers willing to board a plane on a journey that would make an impact and transport them towards innovation, technology, passion for ceramic and challenging ourselves.

At Cevisma 2019, a total of 24 collections were exhibited. The cement category included Exa and Hackney, which formed part of Duty Free, as well as the radiant  Light, the controversial  Statuario , the delicate Chrono, the classic  Hermes, the tasteful Kea, the natural Charakter, the serene Legacy and the versatile Kalos, which completed this part of the stand where we could interface with Rocersa’s brand-new website. Among the popular woods,  CustomSoho,Tempora  and Xplora formed part of the airport hangar where unique aeroplane parts waiting to be repaired could be seen. In the stone category, we highlighted the  Eternal Stone and Moon collections, located on our runway and in the catering area respectively. Without forgetting the  Hardwood, IllusionMod, and Aruba collections for which we won the Alfa de Oro Prize, which could be found in the most exclusive area of the stand: our airport’s VIP lounge.

Didn’t you know that we were awarded this year’s Alfa de Oro prize? I urge you to read our previous post Rocersa awarded Alfa de Oro 2019 for ceramic innovation, in which we recount this special achievement.

The first Rocersa 2019 flight is destined for the longest journey. A life with you.

You can see more images of our Stand Here.