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Welcome to walking, running, jumping and ultimately, enjoying the outdoors without having to worry where you step and without giving up a design that speaks volumes about you.

Outdoor 20 is a 20mm thick porcelain tile especially designed for outdoor use. Its high resistance to breaking load and stress, as well as its extraordinary slip-resistant features, make Outdoor an ideal tile for outdoor areas, both public and private.

  • Anti-icing and fireproof.
  • High resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.
  • Not affected by moss or insects.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

Outdoor 20 offers many advantages compared to other natural materials that have traditionally been used outdoors.

  • Does not absorb water.
  • Resistant to chemical attacks.
  • Resistant to the salt used for melting ice.
  • Not affected by mould or moss.
  • It comes perfectly calibrated and its thickness is uniform.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Remains unaltered over time, both in colour and technical characteristics.
  • Allows for a better aesthetic development.
  • Allows the continuity of the same flooring both inside and outside.
  • Easy to clean and non-absorbent.
  • It weighs less because it is not as thick, making it easier to handle, maintaining a high resistance to breaking load.


Its extraordinary resistance, easy installation and sophisticated design mean that Outdoor 20 can be installed in practically any exterior and, why not, interior space. Imagination is the limit.

  • Gardens
  • Terraces
  • Passageways
  • Walls
  • Courtyards
  • Stairs
  • Pools
  • Hotels (communal areas, pools, terraces, etc.)
  • Spas
  • Residential areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Urban paving
  • Beaches (over sand)
  • Areas with mild road traffic (over paving stones installed, traditional system)



Another revolutionary feature of Outdoor 20 is its installation system over bearing supports or plots.
This ingenious system allows you to overcome all the limitations of exterior installation using through traditional methods.

  • It is not linked to the building structure, avoiding possible cracking or breaking (important advantage for those parts exposed to sunlight and outdoor conditions).
  • Easy maintenance and inspection of the facilities underneath, allowing the bottom part to be used for water pipes, electricity, irrigation systems, etc.
  • Increased soundproofing and air chamber for thermal insulation.
  • Achieves flat and continuous paving, without having to create slopes for drainage, such as grating or drains.
  • Due to its low weight (47kg/m2), it is ideal for areas with structural weight problems, such as balconies.
  • The spacing between tiles (+/- 3mm) facilitates water drainage.
  • Guarantee against floor expansions or contractions.
  • Prevents water leakage between the material and waterproof agent.• Lower installation cost: no need for highly qualified staff.
  • Easy and clean to install, no adhesive glue is necessary.
  • Easily demountable and reusable.
  • It is possible to work over the waterproofing layer without breaking the paving, considerably reducing time and costs.

Adhesive method for paving with vehicular traffic, commercial and industrial sites, garage access ramps, etc.

  • Withstands high traffic stress.
  • Does not absorb stains; easy to clean, even with a pressure hose.

Outdoor 20 can be easily installed on gravel (5-6cm of gravel with grain size of 4-8mm), grass (gravel on grass) or sand.

  • No glue required.
  • Quick to install, ecological and highly aesthetic.
  • Immediately passable and quickly removed (avoiding legal installation problems).

Download the Outdoor catalogue

The Outdoor catalogue contains all technical, physical and aesthetic specifications.

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DDS, by Rocersa, is the new product family introduced
to meet those technical needs which are not covered by products glazed using coloured doughs that are currently available across the range, and which have the largest share of the market. DDS enables pieces to be patterned with whatever arrangement of sediment we prefer.

Managing to produce ceramic models with natural finishes, simulating the work of millions of years in a few minutes. Natural stone is coming ever closer within our reach.

It is a product type which is very well-designed, more complicated to manufacture and whose focus is aimed at professionals who value these superior technical and aesthetic aspects.



After two years of testing, installing and adjusting the machinery necessary to make DDS, Rocersa is a national pioneer, being one of the few companies in the world which has this technology and can offer a unique product that performs very well.


As a company, we are committed to the environment, as such we look for manufacturing processes that reduce the risk of damaging the planet, and we also seek to reproduce as far as possible materials that nowadays suffer from overexploitation in quarries. That is why we aim to make final finishes like the ones provided by nature, and with DDS this is possible.



In this way, it is ensured that the piece has this mixture on the surface for the number of patterns required in terms of classification and type of raw material. This is the main difference between the old DOUBLE LOAD technologies, where patterns were repeated because they could not be DIGITIZED.


This digital dry decoration trolley and the traditional wet injection decoration machines are connected together to reinforce the initial sediment pattern without covering it up. Being able to “SYNCHRONIZE” the graphics of the two machines confers on the PRODUCTS A VERY DEEP AND NATURAL LOOK.


The manufacture of a DDS product implies a change in the manufacturing concept with respect to products which up to now have been glazed with coloured dough. The application of sediment is enabled by implementing the double load through digital technology where the pattern, prepared in the presses, is then decorated digitally when wet. It is finally protected with the addition of a digital covering that protects the piece from stains and attack by chemicals.


DDS products display effects that “ADD VALUE” to ceramic surfaces, which considerably improve the aesthetic quality of the finished products. Infinite designs and patterns intended to meet all needs.


Products with coloured dough (all the sponge having the same sediment in accordance with the piece) and glazing, when suffering wear and tear due to misuse or high traffic, lose their surface pattern so a fault can be seen in the piece. DDS technology, with a double load in the upper layer, ensures that the piece is able to wear down without losing its pattern.



Each product can be manufactured with the texture that best suits the pattern, leaving a natural finish which is very pleasant to the touch and this allows you to see the brightness in the different layers of the pattern.


Being a product with a double load, the superficial sediment can be polished without the pattern disappearing. By using noble sediments in the upper part, it can be polished as if it were natural stone.


To complete the variety of finishes, we set up the products with a CTE3/R11 non-slip finish for all those spaces that require protection against falls.



Thanks to their double load, DDS surfaces are very resistant, so they stand up to high levels of traffic wear and tear. When slabs suffer even greater wear, the product does not lose its pattern.

  • Airports
  • Train/Metro stations
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Businesses


DDS also has outdoor models, the OUTDOOR 20, 20mm thick, with an anti-slip finish and highly resistant to bending. This allows the product to be used for.

  • Squares
  • Pavements
  • Ramps


The durability of the product and its variety of designs enables the creation of spaces in domestic homes which have a lot of character.


Its low absorption of water together with the models’ own protection allows us to use them in spaces where hygieneisfundamental.Thisallowstheproducttobe used for.

  • Restaurant and catering sector
  • Operating theatres
  • Gyms/Changing rooms
  • Kitchens


DDS models can be used to make furniture that blends into the environment. Highly resistant materials which enablemiteringwithoutbreaksandoverlargesizes allow the following to be carried out:

  • Street furniture
  • Tables
  • Worktops
  • Counters
  • Washbasins
  • Decorative walls
The manufacture is made with very elastic and resistant raw materials which make its final finish very flexible.

Ceramic made with 40% recycled material. And its manufacture makes the parts are eco-sustainable according to international LEED requirements.
Their main quality is that they self-level themselves by their own weight as they have such characteristic flexibility, and they adapt perfectly to surfaces that are not completely flat.
This allows the ceramic to be installed using the traditional laying system or to be laid dry using an insulating material and dropping the pieces. Because it is so flexible, those eyebrows that leave a poor final finish are avoided.
You can rehabilitate your home or your business in very little time and without leaving rubble so you avoid having to ask for different licenses that would require a work.
Here we leave you a video explaining the system of placement to see how easy it is to work with our brand Kerflex.

Ceramics have never been so flexible.


Design and technology in pieces that reflect elegance in any environment.

7mm thick

Viiker porcelain tiles are the perfect combination of design and technology. They reflect the latest trends in colours and textures to create select, elegant settings in keeping with any style. 

Their 40 x 120 cm format makes them particularly modular, so you can lay them in ways that will give your rooms a character all of their own. 

One of their most relevant features is their thinness: just 7 mm. 

Viiker stoneware tiles combine the technical features of this material with the advantages of its thinness, such as light weight, ease of transport and handling. Viiker is a material that is ideal to use as paving or cladding.


Viiker is the logical choice for cladding as it is hard-wearing and easy to clean. It provides a vast range of decorative options for both large public areas and private rooms in a home.

For outdoor use it offers high resistance to chemical agents and sharp temperature changes.

Viiker is also very advisable for all kinds of residential buildings as it is hygienic and easy to clean.

In the case of commercial buildings, Viiker is resistant to high footfall and high exposure to mechanical, physical and chemical agents.

Porcelánico Rocersa para fachadas

Viiker has a ceramic coating with different reliefs. A big forma material with a reduced thickness. In this way, Viiker proposes to follow the current decorative trends and solves any type of need in the most demanding projects.


Viiker is a fantastic solution for your home’s flooring with all the features offered by stoneware tiles: technical resistance and, especially, low water absorption, which makes your flooring waterproof and stain-resistant.


Viiker is an appropriate choice for conventional and double-skin façades due to its many features.

For double-skin façades, visible clip systems, chemical anchoring and encapsulation allow perfect fitting and a very professional aesthetic finish.

This kind of installation maintains a balanced temperature in any season, providing considerable energy savings. This material also improves the façade’s soundproofing and waterproofing.

Viiker is a material that does not alter with the passage of time. Its colour does not fade and the maintenance cost is practically zero.

In addition, it is easy to fit on structures being renovated without creating rubble and the cost of removing it.

Download the Viiker catalogue

The Viiker catalogue contains all technical, physical and aesthetic specifications.