We have been awarded the Alfa de Oro 2019 ceramic innovation award for our new DDS (Dry Digital System) technology.

Rocersa positions itself as the first company to develop a product using synchronised digital triple load. This new manufacturing technique enables us to look back and transport ourselves to the time when ceramic was pure chemistry. We manufacture a digitally-designed three-dimensional product from the soul of the piece. It is a system that revolutionises the way that porcelain is manufactured, and which opens the possibility of creating new applications in our sector, as we move away from surface decoration techniques.

The Dry Digital System requires synergy with companies in other sectors, for example, machine manufacturing companies, who are going to have to develop new machines to digitally apply materials. Likewise, thanks to our collaboration with Digit-s (who are designing a new software which enables machines to connect and digitalises the manufacturing process), Rocersa is gaining a process which can combine many applications that create a pre-conceived design in all layers of the product, with the result of achieving a three-dimensional material.

Another strength of DDS technology is its “dry” production without glazing, and using the required amount of sediment, which results in reduced manufacturing costs. This optimisation of resources in the production process makes DDS a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing technique, something which Rocersa has valued for many years.

Dry Digital System has arrived to revolutionise the ceramic world.